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"The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." Chuck Palahniu

"I've Made It"
means being

Today, being intercultural is key to living a life which straddles your current world and future reality. Being intercultural is about knowing how "fit in" and to be human - evolving clarity about self and the world's diversity impacts one's identity development, work performance, organizational culture, and life itself.


At I've Made It our vision is to bridge cultures, manage differences and promote clarity to generate heart centered success solutions.


I've Made It is your global cultural sounding board and accountability partner

Our Promise


Our organization endeavours to develop beliefs, thinking styles and behaviors which formulate into very positive habits to create a signature presence. Specifically we strive:

  • For excellence in our services by keeping our clients' best interests in mind.
  • To find best strategies and solutions by considering all relevant factors when helping to resolve complex intercultural issues faced by Expats, leaders and teams working across borders.
  • To uphold "structured-flexibility" as the company's core value.
  • For sharper clarity in outcomes.

Our Clients


Working with forward thinking clients in India, USA, Canada was a learning and enriching experience for all. Here are some of our clients.



Organization Percolates Vision Globally : USA

Life Fitness International operates on a global basis with a diverse management team located in the company’s Tokyo, London, Rotterdam and Hong Kong offices. The senior team at Life Fitness needed thought provoking, challenging as well as creative ideas to implement the 2010 vision for the company’s international operations. With the leadership team working in 3 different continents, it was critical to align everyone on understanding principles of Leadership from Within and how it directly co-relates to creating the conditions for sustained success. The content and delivery was multi- dimensional as it had depth, practical value as well challenged the current understanding on leadership to bring about new understanding shared by the team.

The coaching sessions following the training infused life and fostered deep understanding and collaboration among leaders.

We would recommend I've Made It and Ms. Sachdev to any corporation who wants to provide a new approach, depth and meaning to existing ideas and percolate them effectively.

Raj Rao – VP International Business - Life Fitness, Chicago USA

Cross Cultural Training, Executive Coaching, Team Building - India

I have had the pleasure to work with Anita on a number of projects over the past year. She has been a strategic and long-term partner to our pharma division in India. Anita has assisted us in developing a vision/mission and also leadership, intercultural management and performance skills training for all employees. .She has also been a coach to the senior global leadership team based in India.

I highly recommend Anita as a consultant to any company due to her professionalism, commitment and passion for her projects. She excels in driving behavioural change to increase team performance. Anita challenges teams to think differently, helps identify development needs and plan for improvement.

Rodrigo Lima, Managing Director India, Danone-Nutricia Medical Nutrition

Expat working in India, Asia

Anita provided highly relevant and comprehensive training on adapting to life in a new country, for both business and personal use.  This included not only working practices and culture but how to lead and manage local teams, negotiating and networking in India, as well as practical advice on relocating a family and advice for spouses seeking work.  Anita has a highly engaging style which makes the training enjoyable.

Daniel Mobley – Program Director - Standard Chartered Bank  - from UK

Training Leaders and Teams to drive Performance:

Ms. Sachdev is a true professional and her insight and professional approach has helped my approach towards life and as a leader in many ways. Ms. Sachdev has demonstrated extreme understanding, consideration, and compassion towards the participants and facilitated difficult subject matter with ease and humour.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented and experienced professional in the understanding success, leadership, change management, communication, and diversity as she covered the gambit of subject matter in her workshops she conducted over a two years.  Ms. Sachdev is an original thinker, she combines both the eastern wisdom with western thought, combines profound critical thinking, analytical reasoning abilities and an unprecedented level of attention to details as she explores possibilities with clarity.

Ziad Khan - Director Programming and Productions- Digital Productions, Canada

Executive Coaching

I have known Anita Sachdev for several years as a friend and as a coach. She has become highly effective in the personal and professional development sphere. She is a smart, feel-good personality, with an infectious smile, and an optimistic spirit. She constantly refines her understanding of human needs.

A few years ago, when I was faced with a personal crisis, she listened carefully, asked intuitive questions, and helped me evaluate and work through the situation until we found a solution. I was encouraged by her skill and her deep understanding of the complexity of the situation. She broke it down and helped me look at rational options.  Her guidance, as a professional coach over a period of time helped me overcome the hurdle!

Verona Faro - Managing Director - Solomon Page Group, LLC, New York

I feel the best thing about working with Anita as an Executive Coach was I consciously began to understand what was sub-consciously known to me. This gave super clarity to my thoughts and actions. She held the mirror in front of me, which led me on the path to self-discovery and thereafter, the Law of Karma took over.

Darayus B. Ex-CFO,  Rabo Bank

Anita is a very perceptive, generous coach, who correctly and quickly assesses the needs of her clients to ensure they get the best out of the coaching experience as a whole, and out of every session. A knowledgeable professional in her field, I have found her approach to help me problem solve and decision making were useful. Alongside short-term results, she has been very focused on the bigger picture, how to efficiently use my strengths, and develop long-term sustainable solutions to become an effective leader. I am very happy to have found Anita, and am finding the coaching experience under her tutelage extremely beneficial to all aspects of my life so important when living in a new country.

E.F. Vander Elst

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