'I've Made It'


Life Coaching is for you if you want the essentials and/or desirables


  1. Live with purpose
  2. Gain fresh perspective
  3. Making Relationships Work
  4. Take your power back


  1. Feel liberated and expansive
  2. Gain clarity to manage habits
  3. Get unstuck
  4. Making difficult life choices

We believe, coaching is not a set of guidelines on what to do and what not to do but consists of a set of practical principles and actionable insights, inspiring clarity of direction. - Anita Sachdev

Gain Deep Life-Clarity.
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Life Coaching – It’s about taking chances and striking the right chord!


In today’s world we want it all! And why not! With the ever-changing landscape and expectations we have of ourselves and for our families, it is difficult to manage, prioritize and bring about the changes to take us where we want to be.

Life Coaching offers the rare opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at the myriad shades of life so you can grab opportunities today and into the future. Interwoven and enormously powerful Life Coaching is a transformative experience founded on getting clarity and dynamic will for the road to life ahead.

Everyday, we hear stories of people who pushed the boundaries took chances and challenged life itself like Arunima Sinha who climbed Mount Everest with artificial legs or Nick Vujicic the man born with “no hands, no legs” as the sought after motivational speaker.

So, are you preparing yourself for a greater
but something is holding you back?

The Power of Your I’ve Made It Coach


Your Coach facilitates enhanced self-awareness to help you develop new ways to address old problems. Our process encourages you to stay in reflective silence and listen to your inner voice to allow success to emerge.
Here’s how:

  • We journey with you as a friend allowing you to forge ahead towards your goal.
  • Examine and clarify your needs, values and beliefs and develop the goals, sub-goals and micro goals that help you grow - personally and professionally.
  • The Coach stays neutral, creates a space for you to do ‘turnarounds and shifts’ and with spiritual understandings to replace emotional stress with the mental balance needed for you to achieve your dreams.
  • The Coach uses tools, methodologies and approaches customized to your needs and situation.

Our Coaches strive to be authentic to be able to support you in your journey. The combination of their decades of international experience and personal and spiritual growth reflects in their essence as they strive to be a perfect mirror for the coachee. Our clients have particularly benefited from the sincerity and authenticity of feedback provided during sessions to move coachees forward during challenging moments.

I’ve Made It’s Approach = Proven results


Living life in Dynamic Equilibrium is our deliverable. It’s a state of being, where polarities are balanced to propel you towards your goal with utmost balance and peace of mind. You can be bold yet peaceful. Energetic yet composed. Forceful yet poised.

When your will power is dynamic, your silent slogan is: “I will continue my efforts until I achieve my goal, no matter how difficult the task.” And we understand the working of the subconscious and conscious mind to ensure you stay anchored to access your beliefs to manifest your dreams.

Life is Dynamic and a mosaic of fleeting moments and crisscross thoughts and chequered emotions. Every day is different and life is changing and evolving. We examine your life from all dimensions wholistically, to help you gain deep clarity. Then, we co-create a plan which resonates with you and then gently guide you to your essence of clarity to bring about Dynamic Equilibrium…again!

My client Monisha was frustrated as she could not find good organic cotton clothes for her new born baby. She could not go back to work as she did not have someone to look after the baby. She lost interest in dressing up or going out. We met by chance and was sparked with our initial discussion. Helping other moms resonated with her so decided go back to work and make money to start her business. Every weekend she spend working on her business plan and do fun stuff with family. Her online business is launched and she Made It!

Get. Set. Go


Now it’s time for the laser focused sessions. Join some of the wonderful people listed here who took a chance to craft their life:

  1. Over 197 clients whose lives were turned upside down when they immigrated to Canada with families.
  2. Remarkable Women in India, USA, Canada who wanted to balance their personal interests, career as well as stay aligned with their traditional values.
  3. Young professionals who discovered their passions to realize they wanted to be a catalyst for to bring harmony in this world.

“A coach is someone who understands and works with the coachee to achieve the goals. I see Anita's approach as action-driven with an in-depth knowledge. It is amazing to be in session with Anita as she navigates through complex human emotions, situations and jumbled thoughts and in a sentence a new world of opportunities would open up for me. My experience with her is very unique and am now hopeful of my future as a new migrant to Canada”.

- R Kodali - Ex-VP Information Technology - R. R. Donnelly


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The coaching experience offers a rare opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at the practices and assumptions of a lifetime. Coaching reaffirms that believing in yourself is one of the most powerful choices you can make!

Take the Courage to be coached. And the possibility to change your world forever