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Our Career Services:

At the Job

  1. Career Transition: Thriving Emotionally & Financially during Change
  2. Career Progression: Continue to stay on Track amidst competition
  3. Career Acceleration: Aspire for New Role locally or globally

For the Job

  1. Resume Writing/CV: Compete with International Approaches
  2. Behavioural Interview Preparation: Gain Strategic Advantage and get the job

Our Approach

  1. Simple, and about You
  2. Creative, yet Practical
  3. Focus, always Results
  4. More, for less
  5. Confidential, focused on YOU

Your Approach

As a recipient of career coaching, to get 100% Success rate are you:

  1. Committed to personal growth and learning
  2. Open to new ways of thinking and acting
  3. Fully responsible for your own actions
  4. Ready for a change!
Gain Career-Clarity.
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What is Career Coaching?


Does your career need a new song-sheet or simply some fine tuning?

The International Federation of Coaching (ICF) opines that a career coach and career aspirant harmonize in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the aspirant to maximize personal and professional potential.

Put simply, Career Coaching supports professionals assess the cadence of their situations with curiosity and empathy to shift their attitudes, beliefs about themselves and their potential to pursue a career linked with their innermost passion.

I’ve Made It Mandate - Career Development by Choice not Chance!


In the past, only high-powered VPs and C-level executives used Career Coaches. Now it's an affordable and accessible service for everyone!

In today's global world, Change is the only constant hence the new norm is hiring coaches to support with career ambitions: be it in Transition, Progression, Transformation or Acceleration.

Clients have learned they can't take a backseat to their own professional development, and have become more proactive about career viz:

  • Move into a new external or global role
  • Immigrating to new country and find jobs
  • Mobilize new career direction
  • Improve career progression with current organization
  • Overcome a feeling of being “stuck” in role or career
  • Position yourself for future opportunities with Executive Presence
  • Proactively manage career risks in VUCA world
  • Reexamine working life and personal priorities

For instance, since 2009, we have supported over 100 clients relocating to other countries as immigrants wherein they have to reinvent themselves with transferrable skills to work in new countries like USA and Canada. We helped them develop career strategies, gave them a scientific approach to write Resume/CV and international method to hone Interview Skills, as well as building personal brand and executive presence.

I’ve Made It’s Career-Clarity Approach


Our Coaches help you create a Signature Presence by creating corridors of clarity to make achievement a matter of habit.

Our assessment process of your career, your strengths and talents, are scientific and intuitive. We use varied tools depending upon the client’s needs. Through conversations and dialogues we unearth your ‘essence’ by providing gracious space within which you can explore and plan your future, steering a steady course.

Warm encouragement along with a structured system will help you execute your plan, believing that anything is possible. When you encounter obstacles, the Coach will challenge you to explore options that may not be top-of-mind to create aha moments. The journey will take you through a period of change with clarity and confidence from where you are today, to where you want to be into the future.

Recently a Director in MNC felt he required to fast track his career and gain visibility with the Global Leaders. Though it was his dream when the opportunity presented itself he was not so confident however the insights unearthed during our discovery session gave him the confidence. The combination of his courage to be coached and as well as follow our coaching process moved the needle on visibility, executive presence and gained internal interviews for Global assignments.

Get. Set. Go


We offer flexible coaching format to suit your lifestyle and affordable prices, I’ve Made It is able to provide exceptional tailored programs making best use of their local and international experience with a wide range of coaching frameworks and methodologies.


My wife and I were lucky to have you as our Career Coach. You helped us immensely to get ourselves acquainted to altogether a new place a new life which made our life simpler & easier. You did an awesome job with great honesty & professionalism to make us actually understand who we are ? The conversations we had were truly enriching and gave us the confidence we could be whoever we can be. What are our hidden talents and real strengths through the Self-Discovery Process including the profiling and assessments. Your approach to resume writing and Interviews were something we had never experienced before and we were shortlisted in every interview. We would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone who really wants to undergo self-discovery to discover their talents and strengths and consciously use it and get their own success formula and personal branding.

- Mr. N. Despande and Mrs. S. Despande.


Experience the fiercely liberating power
of a Coaching Session with Anita

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The coaching experience offers a rare opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at the practices and assumptions of a lifetime. Coaching reaffirms that believing in yourself is one of the most powerful choices you can make!

Take the Courage to be coached. And the possibility to change your world forever

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