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Our Coaching Programs

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Managers as Coaches
  • Coaching Remarkable Women
  • Emerging Leaders

Our Coaching Solutions

  • Assess. Clarify. Current and future leaders
  • Identify unique success patterns to fast-track
  • New ways to solve old problems
  • Managing career transition
    with ease
  • Strengthen self-leadership to lead teams
  • Spark interpersonal and leadership skill
  • Think Big. Think Expansion. Global Role
  • Gain mastery over stress with mindfulness
  • Balance task and relationship to be people leader
Gain – Essence of Clarity.
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Essence Coaching creates Alignment, develops Gravitas and sparks Magnetism in today’s leaders

I've Made Its Executive coaching harmonizes corporate and personal growth delivering multiple moments of clarity. In an open-ended communication model, we strive to understand the executive's development needs to craft an appropriate coaching journey.

Many people benefit from the clarity of perspective that coaching brings, partly in helping them disentangle and understand complex situations, and partly in helping them sort out their priorities. This means that they can focus on what's truly important to them and are better equipped to embrace and overcome challenges.

Our coaching programs are tuned to recognizing the emotional drivers of success within each person; revealing any psychological, emotional, spiritual and professional development needs and working through these to create global thought leaders who can thrive in any business environment and align themselves to different cultural tapestries.

Coaching the I've Made It Way


I've Made Its "Essence Coaching" is a unique coaching model - firmly hold the positive intention to uncover the essence which is not being expressed behind a behavior. Infuses clarity to unearth the inner drivers of success within executives; delving deeper to refine and fine tune the inner essence honing leaders who evolve in complex business environments and adapt to cultural differences.

The Executive Advantage!


How is the essence invoked? The coaching approach promotes experiential, action learning and designed to allow executives arrive at the core of their power center. This inner drive will reinvigorate their consciousness to shift from transactional to transformational leader to tackle challenges.

Executives will arise with renewed vigor and this transformation will speed up the organizations growth pace.

The moment is now! So; arrive, awake and arise, with crystal clear clarity as you discover your inner essence and achieve the desired.

Your Coach


Anita worked in several countries and her solo journey has equipped her with experiences to create resonance with people and situation to facilitate growth with ease. She has systematically and organically learned to navigate ambiguity and differences, a great value for the coachee. Between her spiritual, life and coaching experience she has the ability to stay with the words and meanings which have significance for the coachee; through silence and observation allows for emergence. She believes in fostering mutual respect and confidentiality and takes time to explore how far the client feels safe to travel outside their comfort zone.

She provides conversational experiences to unravel cognitive complexity and the share from a client Pramod Gothi speaks for itself:

"She strongly displayed the core competency of active listening, empathy and attending skills. Her probing helped me to come out with many facets which I had not shared before. She used metaphors to put the issues more clearly and summarized the conversations very well. Studied my coaching needs before finalizing the goals. Her attending skills put me at ease and allowed me to open up I give my story very freely. My sessions with her helped me in making a shift from being a CEO to a Coach."

Delivery Format


We believe, coaching is not a set of guidelines on what to do and what not to do but consists of a set of practical principles and actionable insights and inspiring clarity of direction. .

At I’ve Made it we take time to systemically understand the coaching requirements and with discussions with all stakeholders calibrate the terms of engagement. The right coaches are identified and a structure is create for targeted development plan with appropriate assessments and implementation and feedback. We meet with the sponsors once a month to discuss progress and next step.

I’ve Made It coaches accomplish this via a structured regimen which includes face-to-face and/or virtual sessions and email support.


I approached Anita to coach me on expanding my leadership capabilities. What wowed me from the first session were Anita's update to coaching skill-set through which learning become a self-discovery process. Her strong strategic acumen and experience as global business leader enriched discussions and provided hitherto elusive perspective. She struck a delicate balance between asking tough questions and hand-holding. She being a perfectionist drew out only the best in shortest possible time. Overall had a power packed and value enhancing experience which has resulted in everlasting learning and better skills.

- Tanuj Chadha- Sales Director & Market Unit Manager - Pepsico India


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The coaching experience offers a rare opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at the practices and assumptions of a lifetime. Coaching reaffirms that believing in yourself is one of the most powerful choices you can make!

Take the Courage to be coached. And the possibility to change your world forever

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