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2010 Global Trends Survey with 120 multinationals

“According to the report, India is now the second most challenging destination for expatriates, and tops the list of countries for failure rate of international assignments, falling to fourth place in the list of emerging assignment locations”.

“Why so? India is a nation of contrasts, with enormous geographic, linguistic, religious and cultural diversity which means encountering differences is the norm which requires high level of adaptability and cultural agility”.

Building Intercultural Resonance Programs – Expats in India

For the Expat:

  • Doing Business and Living in India
  • Indian Mind-set & Work Styles
  • Communication Western-Indian teams

Expat’s Teams:

  • Build Commitment and Accountability
  • Virtual/Dispersed Teams India-Global
  • Cultural Capability and Competence
  • Intercultural Communication

Working in India: The challenge


India’s despite its roaring economy and membership of the emerging BRIC bloc, establishing and doing business in India still poses a considerable challenge to multinational organisations. India is vast and diverse in territory as in population, resources and some unique cultural traits that can create misunderstandings and potential conflict hence a cost to the organizations.

Doing Business in India: Specific Challenges

  • Understanding the unifying cultural and diversifying aspects of India
  • Identifying and managing communication challenges with local team or virtually
  • Process of finding team and management’s motivation and drivers
  • De-code the cultural nuances to elicit change and movement to desired outcomes
  • Working with and /around the system
  • The What and How of "Gaining local commitment"
  • Finding approaches to address the "Un-discussables"
  • The process of feedback in face saving culture.
  • Understanding the conflicting norms in decisions
  • What work and what is a pain or a friction point?

I’ve Made It – Building Intercultural Resonance with India


Delivering self-awareness, knowledge and skills, I’ve Made It’s customized programs provide the framework for foreign leaders to interact, work, manage and lead effectively in India.

I’ve Made It is the perfect bridge between India and the world given our experience over last 2 ½ decades in several countries, multicultural environments, and offering real time solutions to G-Local leaders.

Having worked closely with over 50 expats in India and their local and virtual teams doubly confirmed the gulf between cultures and the pressing need for cross-cultural competence.  We put our experience to create key approaches to succeed to India.

  • Start with leaders gaining a deeper understanding of their own cultural blueprint and contrasting this with the complex cultural tapestry of India. Then go beyond the standard norms of respect, tolerance or adaptation to leverage cultural differences, proactively look for gems in different cultures, and promote unity in diversity to drive productivity.  
  • Capitalize on leaders diverse competencies to build global dexterity a unique understanding and approach to build a capability to adapt behavior in a new culture without losing their cultural identity.

Decoding India: A Framework


Step 1 – Identifying cultural blueprints– India vis-à-vis Expat’s country of origin

Step 2 – Approaches to understand and navigate through cultural diversity

Step 3 – Interpreting the unsaid and invisible rule book of relationships, cultural               empathy, respect and tolerance

Step 4 – Attaining intercultural sensitivity with emotional maturity, flexibility,               people skills

Step 5 – Building your personal leadership style and tapestry of success

Step 6 – Mental and emotional frameworks to - adapting, adjusting, acclimatize

Step 7 – Cracking the code to cultural mastery "The I’ve Made It Way"

Delivery Format


Programs are delivered virtually with available technologies, one on one or group interactions to gain macro understanding followed by coaching sessions to support clients during multiple transition periods experienced while doing business in India. We use varied cultural assessments and during training and coaching sessions work both the alignment and gaps with cultures and flex style to be an effective leader.

Multiple Options:

  • 2 hours Online – Pre departure to India. An introductory session for Expat and spouse to feel comfortable about relocating to India.
  • Face to Face or Online. One/two day program in India – Focus working in India following by daily living for family.
  • Coaching Sessions – Support expats to unknot India’s complex tapestry.

Cultural Gap Assessments:

We use varied cultural assessments which showcase the alignment and gaps with the new country. We chose assessments based on outcomes defined. The reports are eye openers even for the global leaders hence popular way to gain buy in for cross cultural training and coaching. In our training and coaching sessions we use the report to build country knowledge and develop skills viz: style switching strategies, approaches to communication, model for a cultural dialogue and how to flex leadership style to be effective in India.

I’ve Made It - Creating resonance and facilitating growth for global leaders, expats in India, managers and teams with global roles. To learn more contact us


When preparing for an expat assignment to India, one of my chief concerns regarded the culture gap between India and the US. In order to be effective, I needed an awareness of cultural differences as well as a strategy for dealing with them. Anita’s training raised my appreciation of the role culture plays in business and personal communication. She provided excellent tools and techniques for me to use to help overcome or minimize potential problems.

She guided our sessions with ease, In retrospect, the conversational environment Anita built was an essential component that allowed us to cover a number of topics thoroughly in a short period of time. Her commitment to ensure that cultural issues are explored, understood, and actionable by her clients cannot be overstated. While I admit that ~any~ cross cultural training may be helpful, I can say that her sessions were outstanding.

Subsequently, Anita helped developed cross cultural competencies for my team with success. I have no hesitation recommending Anita for cultural consulting opportunities. After putting the lessons she taught in practice over the past year, I’m a believer. I would not have been nearly as effective in my role without her training, and have nothing but the highest praise for the service she provided.

- Scott Herrington, Principle Partner, WNS, India-USA


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