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‘I’ve Made It’ is a Training and Education Organization that provides content and methods for enhancing performance to personalize success experiences at work and in life.

‘I’ve Made It’ recognizes that the workplace in which people are trying to secure their livelihood has undergone a transformation. Recent advances in information and communications technologies, immigration, global virtual offices, have begun to accelerate the rate of change in the workplace, making it volatile and unpredictable. So our work environment adds pressure to learn new things everyday to stay ahead. Therefore, we have to undergo a transformation in order to survive and succeed in an uncertain future. And there’s more…

Forever, success has been defined by external experiences. We have let external forces determine who we really are, in relation to ourselves, and the corporate world. We seek the thrill of accomplishments tirelessly, using competitiveness as the ultimate tool. We succumb to the unconscious need to prove our capability to meet and exceed the standards set by others.

Once you grasp that authentic evolution is not a matter of winning, but taking pride in progress AT OUR OWN PACE, the YOU is reflected in the WE, (teams, family) which in turn positively affects ALL (World)


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New 'Refreshing and Reflective’Series in Corporate Wellness, Critical Communication, Diversity, Be your Own Guru.
Life Skills Coaching
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If you are in transition and require creative solutions to FIT into a new job, relationship or country or require career directions, call Anita today!
Keynote Speaker
Anita engages audiences with her thought provoking ideas and stories with her passion with compassion about the bold stance, ‘perhaps…we have already Made It’..
Idea Facilitation
Anita creates possibilities with abilities to unleash your creativity e.g. to recreate the magic of your mission statement, or revitalize your brand or advertising campaign.

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"Feel encouraged in realizing that even though my larger goals have yet to be achieved, there have been a number of smaller or lesser triumphs and milestones that have been accomplished, which taken together, are not insubstantial."
– Sasha Chan